I’m a german android developer. I’m working on private projects and streaming my desktop while I’m developing. You can follow me on twitter or subscribe me on livecoding.tv for free, if you want to get notified when i’m online.

The latest project i’m working on is the Livecoding.tv Android App. I started this project in Late 2015. This is a complete Livecoding.tv Client which is running on Android. You can browse shows, watch videos and have a good time on livestreams.

In the mean time of development the admins of livecoding.tv thought it would be a good time to start a comepetion. This competition is about an Android or iOS Client of their platform. The competition started @April 15, 2016 and is going to end on May 15, 2016.

My Version of this app is already available on the Google PlayStore and was about 1,700 times downoaded yet.

Here you can click to download the App from PlayStoreGet it on Google Play